What to do when there's a fire in your neighborhood

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - With the recent blazes in Idaho, Ada County Emergency Managers want to keep you safe if something catastrophic happens near you.

Evacuation orders will be set in place and several alert options can be implemented if an emergency occurs, making a huge difference in your safety.

Evacuations can be done through dispatch, which means officials will call a resident's home. People can even be alerted through text messages that have all the needed evacuation information.

But, even with all of the new technology to alert you of a problem, officials say planning ahead is still key.

"They should have a family disaster plan- when are they going to evacuate, how are they going to evacuate, how are they going to communicate with family members. And finally with that is having a 72 hour kit," Doug Hardman of Ada County Emergency Management told KBOI.

For local evacuation plans or to sign up for emergency alerts, click on this link.