Waitress attacked customer after complaint of bad service, BPD says

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A Garden City waitress is accused of attacking a customer who complained of poor service, local authorities say.

Boise Police says officers were called to a restaurant on the 7300 block of W. State Street on Saturday afternoon. The victim told police that they complained about poor service, but were then hit in the face by 29-year-old Truc Huynh.

Pho 79 owner says he was stunned at his server. "She hit the customer. I hear boom. I go out and tell her no no no. That's it.," Henry Do said.

"Officers reported seeing physical evidence of the battery on the victim, including a bruise on the victim's jaw," Boise Police said in a news release.

When officers went to talk to Huynh, they say she became confrontational, grabbed a butter knife and stepped back "into a fighting stance and verbally challenged the officers."

She later put down the knife and was taken into custody, police say.

Huynh continued to resist, kicking an officer twice in the leg, BPD says. She has been charged with battery on a law officer and resisting. Authorities say the original victim did not want to press charges, however, the incident is under investigation.

Huynh's family says she has 5 kids and is working on being a nail technician. The family says she spent 3 months at Intermountain Hospital last year and they hope she gets help after this. But most likely they say she won't be back at PHO 79.