Valley Crisis Center has to shut out abused women

The Valley Crisis Center has been helping women and children abused from domestic violence and sexual assault since the 90's. After this week the center will have to turn away the families that have relied on them for help the most. One board member says that this has been the most difficult time as they had to decide to shut the doors of the Valley Crisis Center for good. "It's very sad. I don't think there has been a less stressful time in my life particularly than what I've had to deal with the past couple of months," says MIke Wagoner, Valley Crisis Center board member.

Friday the shelter will have to close its doors because they are out of money. For the past few months the shelter hasn't been able to pay its workers. Grants and donations have been down the past few months. The crisis center says they own their building out right so they were planning on pulling money out by refinancing. But the state put a lien on the building to cover workman's comp and unemployment insurance. This closed that option for more funds.

"We have no other recourse. Every day that we stay open we are digging ourselves deeper in a hole. We've got to be able to call it quits," said Wagoner.

They plan on relocating the 25 woman and children to other shelters in the area. These woman relied on the center for job placement and mental rehabilitation and now they have no place to call home. Wagoner said, "This has been heart wrenching for us."