Uproar over Common Core Standards

MERIDIAN, Idaho- Common Core Standards is a term being thrown around a lot lately as Idaho schools begin adopting them, but not everyone is sold on the idea.

Idaho schools all have to implement the new standards by next school year. At a public meeting in Meridian on Monday night strong opinions were voiced.

"This is not something Idaho should really be involved with," said Rochelle Lloyd, who is a Boise resident and parent.

Superintendent of Public Schools, Tom Luna, listened and answered questions, but the crowd was tough. Many people at the meeting were parents or teachers who say they're upset the federal government is trying to take over education. Luna says that's a misconception.

"The standards we've adopted have nothing to do with the federal government. States are coming together and taking the lead in education reform," Luna said.

46 states have adopted Common Core Standards. The standards are not a curriculum, but a set of academic standards that students are expected to achieve so they're fairly compared with students in other states.

"If we're going to prepare are students for the world we need an academic standard that's equal to any other state and that's what these standards are," Luna said.

Steve Ackerman , a teacher from Kuna, just doesn't think there's enough evidence to prove the standards are worth implementing.

"Once you start giving more standards to teachers that takes away time from them concentrating on the students in the classroom and focusing more on administrative requirements," Ackerman said.

Each school district will decide how to incorporate the common core standards.

Luna plans on holding more meetings throughout the state to answer questions about the Common Core Standards. The dates and times will be posted as they come up on the state department of education website: