Two strangers come together for a "kitty crusade"

KUNA, Idaho- Two strangers came together to help save a cat trapped on top of a very tall power pole.

"I saw it and at first I thought it was a stuffed animal but I turned my car around and heard a meow," said Cicily Brenenstahl. "I stopped and then she stopped too."

"Yeah, I had to stop too," said Sierra White.

It took nearly five hours of teamwork to get the little kitty down.

"I just thought I could make a phone call to dispatch and they'd send someone out right away, but that's not how it played out at all," White said.

Ada County Dispatch, Idaho Power, Idaho Humane Society, Animal Control... Brenenstahl and White seemed to try everyone with no luck.

"We thought maybe getting some media on it might get some results," Brenenstahl said.

KBOI 2News came out and so did a deputy with the Ada County Sheriff's Office.

"I mean if I had a 50 foot ladder I would get the cat but I don't," White said. "That's why we're trying to get everyone else to help."

After a long wait Idaho Power pulled up to help. White's husband, Tristan, stood close by just in case.

"I got my fishing net out of the truck and stood underneath the power pole just in case the Idaho Power person lost his grip," Tristan White said.

"I saw the body fall," Brenenstahl said. "He caught it with the net! The cat jumped out and took off running."

"We tried to search for it but there are a lot of places it could be hiding in the field, but the cat seemed just fine," White said.

"Just an amazing catch," Brenenstahl said. "An amazing catch with a fishing net for the grand finale... amen."

Idaho Power says the cat was about an inch away from 20,000 volts of electricity. The power was turned off during the rescue just before midnight on Friday.