Treasure Valley woman showing MS who's boss

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - As a person living with multiple sclerosis, a disease known for stealing your mobility, I am both surprised and impressed with Marsing's Michelle Jacobi. The mother of three prepares for her part in a relay across the country, where she'll run the equivalent of one marathon a day for a week.

These days, you'll find Michelle Jacobi and her bright orange shoes hitting the elliptical machine, and pedaling the stationary bike at the Caldwell YMCA.

"I just like anybody with MS goes through, it's a constant balance of knowing where your limits are and listening to your body. This has definitely been a journey to see how far I can go, and push yourself," said Jacobi.

The Marsing mother of three admits her MS pushes back.

"Having it for 17 years now, MS does affect me daily. For the most part it is the, the exhaustion. When you get so tired that you literally stop functioning. There will be times that I'm down at my son's basketball practice, and I'm stuck there, I can't drive home," said Jacobi.

But Jacobi fight through the exhaustion, and the disease, because she knows she'll need to be ready to run ... and run a lot.

"We definitely go 'round, have words. I'm pretty confident that I'll have the last say," said Jacobi.

Jacobi is one of 16 people taking part in MS Run the US, a relay stretching from Los Angeles to New York City.

"My portion that, yes, I willingly picked," 167 miles through Utah, bouncing back and forth between 5,000 and more than 9,000 feet in elevation.

"Somebody with MS should not be running a marathon, let alone a marathon a day, for seven days straight, over the Wasatch Mountains. So for me, this is a way to say, 'I am winning MS, not you,'" said Jacobi.

And hopefully, reaching her end goal, written clearly on her bright orange shoes, "Cure MS!"

MS Run the US begins April 15 in Los Angeles, and finished up on September 6 in New York City. The Nationwide goal is raising $500,000 for MS research.

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