Thunderstorms lead to animal shelter overflow of pups

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) -- This week at the Canyon County Animal Shelter large dogs are $18.75, which is 75 percent off the regular price.

The shelter has about 200 large dogs and not enough room for any more.

Alexis Helderman and her daughter Hannah came into the shelter to find a big dog becuase they think it's a great deal and feel that older, bigger dogs get overlooked.

"There's a lot of dogs here right now that could really use a good home and certainly deserve a look, and you run the risk of a shelter becoming too full and can't accept anymore and then what happens," said Helderman.

Barb Hutchinson, the executive director of the shelter said the reasoning behind the overflow of big dogs is the recent thunderstorms.

"We've had a lot of thunderstorms lately, and a lot of times when you've got thunderstorms dogs get scared, they run, they get out their house, so we've had a lot of strays coming in," Hutchinson said.

Adoption counselors are available to hep find anyone a pet when they are looking.

All pets adopted from the shelter come spayed and neutered, with their vaccinations, rabies shot, and a microchip in case the pet gets lost.

If anyone has lost their dog in last week's storms, the shelter recommends coming in to look for it.

If you find your dog, there is a $25 fee, but it comes with a microchip in case you lose your pet again.