The Inaugural Dam-to-Dam swim

LUCKY PEAK RESERVOIR, Idaho (KBOI-TV) Six swimmers, three counties, and eleven miles between the base of the arrow rock dam and Barclay Bay boat launch at lucky peak.

"It's kinda like swimming in a washing machine, you know a spin cycle," said Dam-to-Dam organizer Oscar Williamson, Jr.

And all without a wetsuit.

"This is all about me, and no help. A wetsuit gives you a little help, and I want to just do it without one," said Brigitta Gruenberg.

Today's first ever Dam-to-Dam swim was organized by Nampa's Oscar Williamson, Jr. an avid outdoorsman turned endurance sport junkie.

"One of the pinnacle swims is the English Channel, which is 22 miles, and when I got on Google Earth and started measuring out the water I realized it's 11 miles here, so it's half an English Channel, so that's how we came up with it," said Williamson, Jr.

The swim wasn't a race, at least this year. There was no prize for first place - just personal satisfaction and glorious hot sand.

"It was something I couldn't pass up," said Kira Pfisterer.

Pfisterer finished first - eleven miles in four hours and fifty minutes.

"There were times in this race when I was really tired, and really cold, and I didn't know if I'd be able to stick it out," added Pfisterer.

The event came together in just two months, which partially explains why there were only six inaugural participants. Williamson said he knows the planning hurdles now and next year will come together swimmingly.

"We had a lot of support, a lot of volunteers and stuff. It's definitely worth doing again," said Williamson, Jr.