Suspected burglar caught in the act

MERIDIAN, Idaho -(KBOI) A suspected burglar is behind bars facing numerous felony and misdemeanor charges after he was caught prowling in a Meridian neighborhood.

Ryan Reynolds, 20, of Meridian is facing three burglary charges in addition to resisting arrest, possession of alcohol by a minor and a warrant for his arrest on an unrelated incident.

Police say a neighbor spotted Reynolds running through several backyards trying to make entry into homes.

Resident, Athena Walters say she didn't see Reynolds but heard suspicious noises coming from her backyard.

"I heard someone running and there was a loud commotion," Walters said.

Another neighbor, Tobi Cook, said the neighborhood is one of the toughest to try and burglarize because of the vigilant people who reside there.

"This whole neighborhood is saturated with law enforcement, ex-military and active military," Cook said.

Meridian police say they've investigated an abundance of burglaries throughout the entire city this year and are urging residents to take precautions.

"Make sure you lock your garage,doors, windows and cars," said Meridian police Sergeant Branden Fiscus.