Suspect in fatal hit-and-run makes first court appearance

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The man who Boise police say hit a pedestrian and then left him for dead appeared in court Monday.

Adam Weinert, 24, is charged with the crime. The victim died early Friday. A coroner's report listed the cause of death for Wiley Padden, 28, as "blunt force trauma due to a motor vehicle/pedestrian accident."

After a warrant was issued for Weinert's arrest over the weekend, he turned himself in.

"Witnesses saw the defendant stop, look and then leave the scene and later, the defendant admitted that he hit the guy," prosecutor Chris McCurdy said.

It happened at the intersection of State Street and Collister Drive. In an Ada County courtroom, Weinert said just four words during his seven-minute appearance.

"No, I do not," he said after the judge asked if he had any questions about his rights.

Defense attorney Scott McKay pointed out that Weinert surrendered to police, but that's all he said about the hit-and-run. McKay talked about Weinert's family and ties to the community despite his criminal record.

"He got in some trouble, and he served some time but was released," McKay said, "and by every indication, I'm told he was doing well, had a job, was working construction."

Weinert has been convicted of a number of crimes, including possessing drug paraphernalia, lying to police and resisting arrest. He was on probation at the time of the collision.

The judge set bond at $250,000, and he set Weinert's next court appearance for Oct. 21.