Streaming BSU home opener presents problems for local hangouts

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Boise State University game might be harder to catch Saturday. A remote and a TV won't do you any good, as it'll be streaming on ESPN3.

Linking the webstream to TVs has been a challenge for the owners of Crescent "No Laywers" Bar and Grill.

"It hurts the local fan base and the fans who don't want to necessarily go down to the stadium," said Crescent Bar co-owner Jody Morrison. "We were just lucky that my husband was on this 30 days ago."

The Morrisons spent $2,000 to get up and running.

"It's not something that was very simple or easy to figure out," Morrison said.

Other restaurants, like the Ram in Boise, won't be showing the game.

"(I) made a few phone calls and talked to a few people," said store leader Kevin Martinez, "and it's just not something we're going to be able to do with the set-up that we have."

Not having the game hurts business.

"We would have more people in the building and better business if we could show the game, I'm sure of that," Martinez said.

Morrison said she's preparing for a packed house.

"We seat stadium-style seating, so if you're at a four-person table and there's only two of you, you're just going to have two friends you haven't met yet."

Busters and End Zone on Broadway Street also plan to show the BSU game. Big Al's in Meridian, The Ranch in Caldwell and Buffalo Wild Wings in Nampa also say they're ready for the home opener.