Stolen ATV: "Dad painted it and he is now up in heaven"

CALDWELL, Idaho - An ATV was stolen right out of the Dory's front yard on January 9th. But the owners say it was the sentimental value that has now left them heartbroken.

"It was something very very special from papa to his son," said Julie Dory.

The 4-wheeler was given to Lakota Dory for Christmas a few years back. The reason why the ATV is so important is because they can never have another one like it.

"It was really special to me because dad painted it and he is now up in heaven," said Lakota Dory.

Lakota made it the star of this year's Christmas decorations. He strung lights from the tree to the 4-wheeler making it look like Santa's sleigh. But one morning, it was gone.

"I was like, Oh no it's not here, what happened to it? And then my mom told me that someone stole it," said Lakota.

Julie Dory filed a report with police but she hopes someone will return the blue kid sized ATV with custom painted flames.

"Bring it back. We don't care why it was taken or whatever, no questions asked, just leave it," said Julie Dory.