State candidate says he was a partier and a drinker

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Idaho Press Tribune reports that Greg Chaney was charged with domestic battery in 2009. They also report he filed bankruptcy as well. Now Chaney wants to run for state legislature representing Caldwell.

Greg Chaney wants to run as the republican candidate. He called in to our partner KBOI radio and said, "I was waiting for my girlfriend to come home and I drank way too much while I was waiting and then I got into a verbal altercation about giving back my debit card," Chaney said. "I ended up taking my cell phone out of her hand and in the process punched the wallI pretty much acted like a big jerk."

The report says that Chaney also tried to kill himself. Chaney says he has come closer to God, has a new wife and step kids and talks about controlling his emotions. The Press Tribune also cites that Chaney has filed for bankruptcy. But he says as a lawmaker he now knows budgets are an issue and you can't spend more than you make. "My house is in order. I am fiscally sound today, "Chaney says.

The report says that the democrat opponent in that race, Leif Skyving, has filed for bankruptcy 2 times and has pleaded guilty for public drunkenness. Caldwell residents will have to make their choice in November.