Simplot Sledding: 'This is the hill for close calls'

BOISE, Idaho - Over the last few days one woman broke her leg at Camel's Back Park after colliding with another sledder and this weekend a young boy slid off Simplot Hill and was hit by a car.

Sunday was a busy day on Simplot Hill. Dozens of kids were having a great time sledding but flyers posted on the hill are calling for it to be shut down.

The flyer reads: "This place is not safe! A terrible accident happened right here less than 24 hours ago. Nothing has changed in that time to make it safer for your children. Please help shut Simplot Hill down until acceptable safety standards have been implemented."

Parents at the Hill said they see a lot of near accidents.

"This is the hill for close calls, that's for sure," said Danny Hamrick.

"There was one that just came barreling down and I thought for sure he was going into the road," said Heather Murphy.

Danny Hamrick visited Simplot Hill with his family two weeks ago and he said thanks to compact snow and ice the hill is much more dangerous now.

"These kids are going pretty quick. They are going about three times what they were when it was just snow," said Hamrick.

Hamrick said parents were being much more cautious Sunday then they were before the accident.

Parents lined up at the bottom of the hill to keep kids from losing control.

"We've been catching kids out here all day," said Mark Smith.

Joseph Summerfield gave his daughter this advice, "Jump ship! Jump off right before you get there. I'll be there to catch her".

With kids out on hills all across the Treasure Valley, drivers need to be extra careful.

"Just keep it slow around the corners, it's snowy anyways. So just be aware," said Dean Peters.