Several bridges in Ada and Canyon Counties are unsafe

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - In Mount Vernon, Washington, it only took a truck hitting a support beam to send a bridge tumbling down Thursday. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a bridge collapsed out of nowhere, killing 13 people six years ago.

Structurally unsound bridges can be found across the United States.

But you may be surprised to learn how many are found right here in the Treasure Valley.

Several bridges in our area are classified as structurally deficient, like the one in Minneapolis. That means they aren't up to bridge safety standards.

Eight bridges in Ada County are classified as structurally deficient. Three of them are listed in poor condition, meeting the minimum requirements to be left up. One, the Broadway Avenue bridge, doesn't even meet minimum requirements and is on high priority to be replaced.

In Canyon County, 14 bridges are structurally deficient. All of them are in poor condition, and two need to be replaced immediately.

There are also several bridges in both counties listed as functionally obsolete. That means there's nothing wrong with them other than the fact that they're old and don't meet current bridge standards.