See this man? Call 911: Nampa PD looking for carjacking suspect

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Police are continuing their search for a man who they say he pulled a knife on a Norco employee and carjacked a company van Wednesday night.

Nampa Police, Caldwell Police, and the Ada County Sherrif's Office have all joined in the search for 36-year-old Rodney Lee Seiber, who police consider to be armed and extremely dangerous. The manhunt has expanded into two counties, and Sgt. Tim Randall of the Nampa Police Department said they are searching locations all the way to Oregon.

"He's in a desperation-type mode so he'll, given the circumstances last night, he'll go to any length to escape," Sgt. Tim Randall of the Nampa Police Department said.

That's exactly what Rodney Lee Seiber has done, starting Wednesday night when he carjacked a Norco van and threatened an employee with a kinfe.

Our own engineer, Joe Gentile, was stuck in traffic on Caldwell Blvd. near the Norco building, watching everything unfold in front of him.

"My wife and I were saying this is surreal, it's something you'd see in a movie," Gentile said. "Then when she said the guns were drawn we started to hide behind the dashboard."

Gentile said the shots never came, but that the man police were after somehow got away.

"Everything seemed to go his way," Gentile said. " It seemed like it was choreographed. He did all of this and there was no resistance. The cops were there but they couldn't grab him they couldn't stop him from getting into the truck and they couldn't block the roadway and he drove off."

Police said they were already looking for Seiber Wednesday night, and believed he was involved in a number of car thefts. Around 6:45 p.m., police said Seiber saw them, and then took off running. From there, officers say he then carjacked the Norco van, and drove off leading them on a chase.

According to the Nampa Police Department, the chase eventually ended at a corn field near Orchard and Middleton in Nampa. Officers said he crashed into another car, injuring the driver, right before he ran off into the corn field. Police said they searched the area high and low, but were forced to call off their search shortly after midnight because the dark, dense corn fields made it hard to see anything in the dark.

Sgt. Tim Randal said some officers stayed in the area overnight, in case the man who they believe to be Seiber came out of the corn field.

As of Thursday evening, Seiber's whereabouts are still unknown, but police say they have been following leads and expanding their search. Thursday morning, Randal said officers received a call that someone may have spotted Seiber back near the corn field. Thursday afternoon, he said police responded to a home in Caldwell. However, nothing turned up with either lead.

However, Randall said now that officers have Seiber's picture, it's just a matter of time until they find him.

"We're just going to go out and kind of beat the bushes any place we have any kind of location for him any associations of his," Randall said. "We have locations from here to Oregon we're going to be looking at."

Randall said this is not first Seiber's first run-in with the law, or even his first time alluding an officer. In addition to his extensive criminal history, police said Seiber faces charges of robbery, grand theft, alluding an officer, and possession of a controlled substance.