Salvage yard burns weeds to prevent fire, flames break out

CALDWELL, Idaho(KBOI) - Caldwell and Middleton Firefighters showed up to the B&T Salvage yard at around 5:30 on Wednesday. They say they had a lot of smoke and flames torching about three cars.

The battalion chief says they know this place well after a huge fire that happened there last July. "We're pretty experienced with this particular facility, we've had several big fires out here. This one we were lucky it didn't turn out to be as big as those," Caldwell Battalion Chief Tim Scot said.

They knocked the fire down quick because they knew they had to pump lines from the street down into the yard like they did last year. They also have a good idea how the fires are breaking out. "The last couple have been the same cause where they have either been burning weeds or using a cutting torch to remove parts from cars," Scott said.

B&T Salvage says they're trying to be extra careful, they say they were burning weeds around their cars so a fire like last year's wont bust out again. B&T employee Mark Clausen says, "The one that happened in July of last year, that one got way out of hand. We're doing a lot more clean up this time around."

Caldwell fire says that with the wind as strong as it was, burning weeds to prevent fires may not be the best idea.