Rodeo bull that made a break for it, gets caught near an Eagle park

EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) - Police say A bull and a cow took off out from pasture land near Merrill park in Eagle. Eagle Police and Ada County Sheriffs deputies spent the past few days looking for the bull on the run after the cow was caught. The bull kept jumping on to the greenbelt in the area leaving with the deputies and the owner on horseback chasing after him. The bull would then dart into the heavy brush around the river and avoid getting caught.

Parents in the park didn't realize how close the bull had been over the past week. Some wondered just how dangerous could a bull be. "I guess I'd rather see a bull down here than a mountain lion or something like that. That's something that's going to be more aggressive and hunting. Where a bulls just going to eat grass." Said Dan Romero who had his family at the park nearby.

Police say they didn't think the bull was too dangerous until they heard that it was getting a bit aggressive. Sergeant Alan Olson of Eagle Police said, "We did have a few reports of charging some teenage boys and that was at the point where it got real critical for us."

Monday night they found the bull hanging out at a pond just around the corner from the park and shot it with a tranquilizer dart. Even after that the bull took off again into the brush and got away. But this time for only 15 minutes before he was picked up and hauled away.

No one was hurt with the bull on the loose. Police are trying to figure out if they'll be charging the owner for the man hours they put into catching the bull.