Resident: Intruders 'burned him for a while' with cattle prod

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) - Seven people inside a Garden City home were hanging out and watching TV when two men walked in and demanded money early Tuesday morning.

"I heard my front door open, but that's not an abnormal thing," said Jesse Peirsol, who lives there. "My friends come over all the time."

The two guys were wearing hoodies, and bandanas covered their faces.

"I thought he was joking when he came in," said Cheryl King, who was in the trailer at the time. "I was laughing at him. I told him he looked ridiculous or we might believe him."

The pair weren't joking. One had a cattle prod and zapped at least three people inside.

"My dad definitely got the worst out of everyone," Peirsol said. "They burned him for a while. Mine hit me in the knee, and my jeans helped a lot."

Peirsol said the two men told everyone to get on the ground.

King gave them some money.

"I saw a can of change on the ground I told him, 'Here, take this,'" she said, "and I threw a bunch of change at 'em."

Peirsol said he'll now lock the door behind him every time he goes into his house.