Relief on roads in Meridian

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A little relief is finally here for drivers.The Fairview/Main and Cherry/Meridian intersections that have been holding up traffic in Meridian for months are back open.

Drivers aren't the only ones who are excited. Nearby businesses are getting a lot more business since the intersections opened back up Wednesday morning.

For months, the businesses in one of the shopping centers on Fairview have struggled because they were hard to get to.

"It hurt us a lot," said salon owner Laura Ramirez, "Because this street basically was closed in a perimeter around us, basically, so limited traffic was flowing through here."

Business dropped so much, that people nearby tell KBOI two places in the complex had to close down.

But now that traffic's flowing again, stores say business is already picking up.

"It's definitely been a lot more busy than it usually is," said Hannah Bedard, who works in a store in the shopping center, "And I hope it picks up a lot more throughout the week and we just get all of our customers back."

Ramirez just moved in to one of the spots where the previous tenant recently left. She says she's optimistic that with the finished road work, her salon will have a great new start.

"It's wider, so that means more traffic...and better for the business," she laughed.

ACHD says the other part of the Meridian construction project, which closed down part of Main Street, should wrap up on September 19th.