Paint ball field sets up shop in neighborhood

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - In January, Pyrrhic Paint Ball moved its arena out of a gravel pit in Nampa up into ground level terrain.

Now the paint ball field backs up to several houses. Neighbors say they lost their view and all they have are a lot of paint balls to show for it.

"It looks like Afghanistan, it's terrible," says Ruth Keller, who lives nearby.

But paint ball owner Scott Kraemer disagrees. "The gravel pits is what looks like Afghanistan, this is a grass field," Kraemer said.

Kraemer says his paint ball operation has been in the gravel pit for the past three years. He says he had to move earlier this year because the pit is planning on expanding. But now Canyon County has shut him down until he gets the right zoning permit.

"He has been shooting paint balls that are very toxic to our animals. We have a written statement from the veterinarian that they are very toxic. We all have animals," Keller said.

But Kaemer says that they sell the paint balls at toy stores. He said, "There's not an issue. All it is is starch with a food coloring in it."

Neighbors say besides the paint balls there's only one porta potty for up to 80 people a day. "Then they relieve themselves into my back yard, in front of their cars. What a vision," Chris Chapman said, who also lives near the business.

Kraemer says he's done everything he can to make the neighborhood happy. He has nets up around the area and even scrubbed the fence that takes a hit from stray fire. "I am a man of faith, I've got five children, my goal is just to offer a family friendly sport,' He adds.