No new parking meters that can tell when you leave

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Earlier this summer ACHD entered into an agreement with the city to allow new sensors to be installed in the road to track parking in downtown. last month, commissioner Rebecca Arnold, who voted for the agreement, says she learned there were alternatives to putting them in the actual roadway and wanted ACHD to reconsider their approval, the commission agreed.

The city of Boise proposed a new parking meter technology that will allow the meter to reset ever time a car leaves the space using a sensor in the ground. City officials say this is the most common type of metering system used in the nation. It will also only allow limited, free 20 minute button uses and will have real-time updates on ticket violations.

"Many of the parking industry experts say it's the best practice to have the sensord technology mounted in the pavement," said Craig Croner from the city's Administrative Services Division.

But commissioners and residents have their doubts about the new type of meters and the direction they're going. Boise resident Ryan Davidson says "The city is interested in collecting money and this is going to make it a lot easier for them and that's going to make the citizens a lot more frustrated."

There were also concerns at the ACHD meeting Wednesday that the new technology may make it too easy to get a ticket. "If we have a situation where the smart sensors are immediately summoning a parking enforcement officer one second after the time expires it's going to lead to some aggressive enforcement," said Davidson.

But the city says the technology wouldn't go that far and it would have still been the best proven option for downtown. "This seems to be something a little more political. I don't understand why they wouldn't agree to this master license agreement," said Croner.