Nampa schools levy set for Tuesday

NAMPA, Idaho - The Nampa School District is holding a supplemental levy election on Tuesday. If the levy passes, taxes will not go up, they will actually stay the same. Even so, some parents tell us, the multi-million dollar mistake shouldn't have happened in the first place.

"Our kids deserve the best education they can get. They need to figure it out," said Nampa father Matt Prael.

Tuesday's levy would allow the school district to use $4.3 million to balance the budget. That's the same amount that the district is in debt, thanks to an accounting error.

District spokeswoman Allison Westfall says property taxes would stay the same because they would refinance some bonds to even things out.

But with an error so pricy, Nampa mother, Rachelle Campbell is worried.

"I feel that taxpayers shouldn't have to help them out with their mistake," said Campbell.

Despite the big budget mistake, the school district is hoping that voters will help the district move forward.

"I know that we've made mistakes and folks have been concerned but as they learn more information, see the plan, and gain more knowledge about the district's situation, they usually understand why we are asking for it and the levy seems to make sense," said Westfall.

The Nampa School District has already had to make cuts. Officials have agreed to sell some of its property, cut busing to after-school programs and impose some furlough days.

"We know right now that we will need to do cuts even if the levy passes. So we will need cuts to balance our budget, bring our spending into line just like families do, erase that deficit, and get an emergency plan into place," said Westfall.