Nampa Fire Captain suits up for first full shift following attack

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A Nampa Fire Captain who was nearly beaten to death is back for his first full shift at work Thursday, almost three months after being violently attacked on his bike.

Cade, a 17-year veteran of the Nampa Fire Department was attacked in a rampage back in August. He spent several days in the hospital, and has had several surgeries since the attack.

Doctors gave Captain Chris Cade the clearance he needed to come back to work last weekend.

Before this, Cade said the longest he had ever been away from work was two weeks. This time, doctors told him he likely wouldn't be able to go back for several months.

"I'd say most of it was miserable," Cade said. "Everything just slows down when you're trying to heal. When it's late August, and you're looking at Thanksgiving before possibly getting back to work? It seems like forever."

Cade said he doesn't remember the gruesome details of the August attack, or what happened after. That's where his crew has helped fill in the blanks.

"I drove very safely down to the hospital," firefighter paramedic Duane Tucker said."I just remember walking in and seeing him, he was obviously out of it. But knowing what was ahead of him was really tough. You can detach yourself when you go on these calls but when its somebody you're that close to, family, it's different. "It's absolutely different."

Cade suffered a shattered jaw, broken cheeks, teeth, a punctured lung, along with a broken rib and shoulder blade.
Tucker said he knew the captain's recovery was going to be tough for all of them, but knew that Cade would jump back quickly.

"You can't keep a guy like that down very long," Tucker said.

While he recovered, Cade said he spent a lot of time working with a physical therapist and catching up on sleep.

"That was a tough part just getting up early to come to work was like 'Hey, I haven't been up this early in a long time!'"

Thursday was his first 48 hour shift being back.

Cade said he set little goals for himself along the way to get him through the recovery process.

"My first goal was to get the cast out of my mouth so I could eat solid foods again," he said. "Liquid diets are horrible."

That's no different now. Cade says he still has goals for himself, but just wants things to go back to normal so he can continue doing what he loves.

"I never dreaded coming to work with this job, I look forward to it every time and it's just good to be back," Cade said.

Captain Cade is also an avid bike rider, and while the attack happened when he was riding his bike, Cade is already back up and riding. He plans to compete in a number of races next summer.

The man accused of attacking Cade and a number of others in the rampage back in August, Sean Carnell, faces several felony charges including aggravated battery and assault. His next hearing is scheduled for November 19, where he is expected to enter a plea for those charges.