Nampa Fire Captain released from hospital after attack

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Meridian Police say Nampa Fire Captain Chris Cade, who was one of five victims attacked in a rampage Wednesday, has been released from the hospital Sunday.

Cade, a 16 year veteran of the Nampa Fire Department, has been in fair condition at St. Alphonsus since Wednesday when Police say he was attacked while riding his bike on the bike path in Meridian.

According to the Meridian Police Department, Cade suffered severe facial injuries, as well as a broken collarbone, a broken rib and fractured scapula. He also had a collapsed lung that required a chest tube, though his lung seems to be functioning normally now.

Police said Cade's facial injuries will like require a number of plates and screws to be installed throughout his face, but that until the swelling goes down he can rest from home. After that, doctors will start working on significant damage done to Cade's mouth and teeth.

Cade's family says they believe the injuries will require several reconstructive surgeries, and that it will be months before he can make a full recovery.