Nampa fire captain in fair condition after attack, family speaks

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) - The family of a Nampa fire captain, who was injured in what Meridian Police say appears to be a random rampage speaks out about his condition.

Chris Cade, a 16 year veteran of the Nampa Fire Department, remains in fair condition at St. Alphonsus in Boise Friday.

Cade's brother, Jerry Cade, says Chris doesn't remember anything about the attack, which happened on Wednesday. Jerry says Chris has facial injuries to both eye sockets, nose, teeth, upper jaw, and cheekbones. He also has a collapsed lung, damage to his ribs, collarbone and scapula.

His family says they think it will take a few months, as well as a number of reconstructive surgeries, before he can get back to doing his job.

"He's the kind of guy he loves his job he lives it," Chris' brother, Jerry Cade said.

Now, his life has been flipped upside down.

"Seeing him like this is pretty tough," Jerry said. "He's usually the guy kind of helping people like this so him being in this situation is pretty tough."

Police say Chris Cade was one of Sean Carnell's many victims in a spree of violent crimes that happened Wednesday in Meridian.

Meridian Police say the rampage began in Tully Park, where Carnell punched a 15-year-old in the face multiple times, and then stole his skateboard. From there, he traveled more than a mile and a half, leaving numerous victims in his path until Police say they arrested him on the 700 block of W. Pine Street.

Chris's family says the fire captain loved biking, and was out for a morning ride when Carnell attacked him. They believe he used the skateboard he stole at the park to hit Chris in the face.

"That took him down to the ground and we believe there was more activity that happened on the ground," Jerry said.

While Cade is used to helping others on the job, the roles have been reversed, and now he's the one being helped.

"He's not a very good patient," Jerry said. "He's usually on the other end of this."

The family says Chris has plenty of support.

"The Nampa Fire Department has been great," Jerry said. "Anytime you go into his room there four or five firemen in there rushing, trying to do whatever the nurse needs to do."

But no matter what condition he's in, Chris's family says 'once a firefighter...always a firefighter.'

"He's already ready to go back to work," Jerry said. " It's a 24-7 kind of thing for these guys, they're never not working."