Mountain Home airmen have tough time picking favorite team

MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho (KBOI) - Mountain Home airmen say they're pretty torn between who to root for in the BSU verses Air Force game.

"I'm going to be wearing a Boise State hat, and I'm going to be wearing an Air Force shirt," said Michael Brown, an airman who grew up in Boise, but went to the Air Force Academy."

"I try to give them both as much love as I can in my office," he joked, pointing to a BSU flag on one wall of his cubicle and an Air Force flag on the other.

The 366th Fighter Wing's commander, Colonel Christopher Short, says he won't have any trouble rooting against BSU during this game.

"It's easy when you're here to be a fan of Boise State, except, you know, on one weekend of the year," Short said.

But he says he's aware that a lot of people on his base don't feel the same way.

Corrina Rodriguez says being raised in Boise trumps being in the Air Force when it comes to picking teams.

"I love being in the Air Force and all, but I don't go for the Air Force at all," Rodriguez said, "Completely true to Boise State."

Colonel Short says when it comes to this kind of match up, people like Rodriguez should be prepared for a little game talk from the boss.

"I'm going to give them a hard time, and tell them 'go Air Force, beat the Broncos," Short said.

But biases aside, people at MHAFB tell KBOI that at the end of the day, they just want to enjoy watching the two teams dear to their hearts.

"I'm just hoping to see a really good game and come out of there ecstatic either way," said Brown