Motorcycle awareness rally draws hundreds

BOISE, Idaho - A Motorcycle awareness rally was held Saturday. More than 500 bikers gathered at Sandy Point Park and then rode to the Statehouse.

The message of the rally was to encourage drivers to look twice for motorcycles.

"Motorcycles can appear quickly, they are small, they can look like they are a long ways off but they will be right there on you," said Idaho Coalition for Motorcycle Safety chairman Lane Triplett.

STARS instructor Mark Santoro says it's also important for motorcyclists to take responsibility for their own safety.

"Take the time to learn new skills, take the time to practice the skills, make the conscious choice to wear good quality protective riding gear while we are out there," said Santoro.

The latest number from ITD show that 17 motorcyclists died on Idaho roads in 2011. 65% of those crashes did not involve any other vehicles.

"We see the accidents and we look at those as numbers but those are not numbers those are real people," said Santoro

That's why ITD has a goal of eliminating deadly crashes with their "Towards Zero" campaign. While we're not there yet, deadly motorcycle crashes are down 40 percent.

To see the rest of the ITD motorcycle crash results: