Mother leaves newborn at Nampa dentist office, takes off

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Last month, a woman showed up at a Nampa area dentist office with a little baby in tow.

But she said she wasn't leaving the baby.

On April 21, the office manager says it was her first day working at the dentist's the office and she didn't know if this was a usual thing at the office. Diane Sheirbon told KBOI 2News that the woman looked like she and her baby weren't properly fed.

"(The baby was) swaddled in a thin little blanket," Sheirbon said. And she walked out the door."

The office manager went to hand over the baby to the dentist, Dr. Tristan Galloway, who was busy with a patient when the woman dropped off the newborn.

"I informed the patient that was having the root canal that we had a little bit of a curve ball and she said, 'no problem and take care of the baby.' So I called my mother and my sister."

The office manager says the office staff ran to the store to get diapers and find a car seat. She says the baby girl had nothing on but the blanket that she was wrapped in. She says she looked small and weighed around four pounds.

The mother said the baby was born a few hours earlier and she couldn't feed her. Under Idaho's Safe Haven law, a parent can drop off a newborn with a medical doctor within 30 days of being born. The parent can remain anonymous and won't be charged with abandonment.

The dentists office says that they took the baby to the hospital. They say the newborn was adopted later that day by a family with five kids.