Months later, debris from Boise house fire is finally hauled away

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Nearly three months after a three-alarm burnt a Boise home to the ground, the rubble and debris is finally being cleared out.

Neighbors were forced to wait patiently as the remnants of the fire sat untouched, but started complaining about the eyesore last month.

"It was just ugly, and sad," neighbor Willie Welsh said. "Very sad."

"We figured it would be cleaned up right away, but here we are," neighbor Sarah Fuhriman said.

Neighbors say the lingering mess has been a constant reminder of the night that started it all.

"It was rather scary that night," Welsh said.

Now, neighbors are welcoming the sounds of bulldozers, clawing through the rubble. Demolition crews have spent the better part of three days working to clear out the leftovers.

"Oh, there was stuff everywhere," Ideal Demolition Services foreman Fernando Rayo said.

Rayo and his crew were called in to play pick up. Their job is to simply come in, clean it up, and move on with it.

"You think about what was here before and what's coming afterward, and it's like we're in between," Rayo said. "We don't see what was here before and we don't see what's here after."

That side of the story, the before and after part, belongs to neighbors like Sarah Fuhriman

"Saw it built up, saw it burn down," Fuhriman said.

Fuhriman has spent much of her life in the same house across the street, looking out the same window. Only now, her view will be much different.

"It's kind of sad almost," Fuhriman said. "It's like a little piece of childhood gone almost."

But she says she has come to terms with it. She and her neighbors also say they're excited for a new chapter to begin in the neighborhood.

"I'm just glad they're cleaning it up," Welsh said.

The only downside to the job finally getting finished?

"I don't know what the neighborhood's going to talk about now," Fuhriman said.

The demolition crew said Wednesday should be their final day out on the site. They're finishing up by tearing up the foundation and smoothing the grounds.