Man drives over officer's foot, escapes capture for two hours: BPD

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A 20-year-old Boise man has been booked on a slew of felony charges after police say he drove over a police officer's foot and crashed a vehicle into a patrol car Monday afternoon.

Boise Police says private security workers called officers to help look for man who was spotted looking into car windows in a large parking lot on Franklin and Milwaukee. Officers later say the suspect, identified as Maxwell Dosh, get inside a car and sit in the passenger side of the vehicle.

An officer walked up to vehicle to talk to Dosh, BPD says, but he then slid over to the driver's side and started the engine. Dosh put the vehicle in reverse and rammed the police cruiser out of the way -- far enough so he could drive away. In doing so, however, officials say Dosh ran over the officer's foot.

Dosh sped away on Emerald and went missing for about two hours. Police later spotted him running through a back yard of a home near Preece and North Frazier Place and later arrested him.

The 20-year-old is facing four felonies including battery on an officer, leaving the scene of an injury crash, malicious injury to property and probation violation. He's also facing a misdemeanor resisting and obstructing charge.