Local shelter to help Valley Crisis Center through the fallout

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - The Valley Crisis Center is closing its doors for good on Friday.

Nobody else can take shelter there, and the 25 women and children currently living there will have to find another place to live within the next month.

Local organizations are already stepping forward to help out, offering their services and shelters to the families. The organization Advocates Against Family Violence says they will help the Valley Crisis Center through this crisis, even though their shelter is sitting at maximum capacity right now.

Executive Director Kim Ivacek said she knows from experience what it's like trying to survive off of grants.

"I know that a lot of non-profits work on grants and we also know that grants do not create the sustainability," Ivacek said "We know that grant funding can come and it can go."

At the Valley Crisis Center in Nampa, the funding went...and never came back. Now, Ivacek finds her organization in a position of strength to help.

"We're working so hard to eliminate violence in the lives of individuals that its incumbent upon us to step and say 'look, here are some resources, let us make ourselves available to help you,'" Ivacek said.

The shelter at Advocates Against Family Violence is full, and has a waiting list of 30 people right now. Ivacek said her staff will be working double duty to spend the next 30 days at the Valley Crisis Center itself. She said they will be helping the women and children transition out of the building, and getting them into shelters around the valley.

"Otherwise who knows but that they could be down on the river in a box," Ivacek said. "Or they're living out of their cars and they're not able to access the resources necessary and then you're throwing them back into more trauma. That just is not anything that needs to happen to anybody."