Irrigation shortages place restrictions on Meridian subdivision

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI ) - Drought conditions and low water levels are forcing homeowners in a Meridian subdivision to alternate watering days to conserve water.

Homeowners in the Edinburgh Place neighborhood received an email this week, asking for odd and even-numbered houses to water their yards on alternating days.

The subdivision has its own pump that is running out of water earlier than normal. Despite the email, some say they had no idea such a system was in place in their neighborhood.

"I haven't heard that at all," homeowner Lotte Ryan said. "If i had any idea what the schedule was I could abide by it, but like I said I had no idea what it is."

"I think I remember when we first moved in that there were regulations on which days to specifically water for your property, but that was a long time ago and I hadn't seen reminders since then," said Gregg Allen, who has lived in the neighborhood for five years.

Some neighbors told me they saw the email, and also knew about the system. However, the irrigation system doesn't police the water use, so those neighbors say its on the honor system to do your part.

Despite the confusion, everyone I talked with said they'd be willing to make a change.

"It's something easily done and if we can help out then we might as well," Ryan said.

"If there's a way to fix it and regulate it then I'm all down for that so if it helps we should all try to follow those rules," Allen added.

Settlers Irrigation District says many of the subdivisions they supply water to in Meridian are facing a shortage, and thus homeowners are asked to alternate days that they water their yard pending to a schedule.