Horse shows up in Kuna woman's back yard

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) - Ariell Snider says she's had dogs, cats and even owls show up at her house and stay a while.

But she says this is the first time a horse has come by and didn't leave. She says "I went walking out the back door to put some nuts out for the squirrels and as I turned to shut the door I see this white blob. Half asleep I was like 'did our horse get out again?' And then I was like "our horse isn't white.'"

Snider has one horse of her own. Now that this paint horse showed up she may have two. She doesn't know how it got in her back yard or how it walked in the neighborhood blocks away from downtown Kuna.

She says this horse doesn't look like a stray and she thinks someone would want him back. "He's a great horse. It's obvious that he's very well taken care of. His hooves need to be trimmed up a little bit but that gets a way from every horse owner," Snider said.

All Ariell can think of right now is that there may be a child who's trying to figure out where the family's horse is.

UPDATE: The horse is named Gus and the owner went through the neighborhood and found him. Mrs. Corrie Wolf said she came home a little after 6:30 p.m. and went to see Gus in the yard. She said she called out to him several times but no Gus. Mrs. Wolf says her heart sank when she realized Gus was gone. She went through the neighborhood and came across Ariell and her cousin with Gus in the their yard. Corrie says she's so thankful they kept him and she wouldn't know what to do without him. "He's a big part of my family." She said.