Horse found after roaming a Kuna neighborhood

Kuna, Idaho (KBOI) - A lost horse has found its way back home. Tuesday morning, a Kuna woman said she had a paint horse show up in her backyard. Ariell Snider spent the whole day networking and going door to door looking for the owner of the horse.

Corrie Wolf came home Tuesday and said when she called out to her horse, nothing. She looked behind the stable and no horse in sight. "I started crying 'cause he's my kid. He's one of my kids," Corrie said.

She says she spent the evening going through the neighborhood looking for her horse and that's when she came across a girl riding her own horse. "So I pulled into her driveway and I'm like 'excuse me, can I ask you a question?' and she's like 'yea, did you find a missing horse?' and she's like 'yea is that him?' and I am all, 'Gus!' And then he whined at me."

He ended up about a quarter mile down the road, blocks away from downtown Kuna in Ariell Snider's back yard. Gus's owner says the horse is part dog and part magician. "This chain right here, if I don't loop it around he will nibble on it and undo the gate. He's Houdini," Wolf says.

Corrie says that Gus is her dream horse and she couldn't think of being without him. "I am so thankful that he was found," she said.