Homeowners prepared for Willow Creek fire threat

EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) - Thankfully, the Willow Creek fire in the Eagle foothills did not threaten any homes or force any mandatory evacuations Wednesday. However past fires sparked by lightning have damaged homes in the foothills area, so many homeowners were still on alert.

Learning from history, some homeowners have gone to great lengths to prepare for the worst case scenarios.

Dave Kettles lives just off Highway 55 in a picturesque home on the edge of the Eagle foothills. He and his family have lived on the property since 1989, and built their own home there in 2000.

"It's everything," Kettles said. "We made a huge investment when we built our house here."

Dave says he knows fires are a huge risk. Just last year, lightening sparked a fire that threatened his home. This time, he was concerned the Willow Creek fire may burn a similar path because there were a lot of dry brush in the area.

"That was my concern that it would come down the valley near our house," Kettles said.

If the fire did come close, Dave says he would be well prepared.

"I installed a sprinkler system here to help keep things wet down, like the weeds and my fence," Kettles said.

Last year, firefighters told Dave the fire barrier he created is one of the best they've seen in the area. They also told him they wish people would follow his example and build defensible space around their homes to protect them from fires.

Although he was prepared, this time Dave didn't need to be, thanks to firefighters.

"Without them, we'd be in trouble," Kettles said