Homedale supt. says failed levy means 'everything is on the table'

HOMEDALE, Idaho (KBOI) - Three Idaho school districts asked voters for money at the polls Tuesday, but Homedale's levy was the only one that failed.

It was three dozen votes shy of passing, as 368 voted "no" and 332 voted "yes." The same levy also failed in May.

That means changes as a result of budget cuts for the 1,200 students who go to school there.

"Everything is on the table as far as what we may have to cut," said superintendent Rob Sauer.

As for possibilities, parents of student-athletes could have to fork over more in pay-to-play fees and teaching jobs could be on the line. Even extracurricular activities could be in jeopardy, which worries parent Raycal Burright.

"(My daughter)'s, you know, the band geek," she said, "and I'm scared that if they cut out band and art, then what is she going to have to look forward to when she goes to school?"

Thomas Murray runs a food cart in Homedale and says money's tight.

"The people out here love the school," Murray said. "They want it to thrive and everything... by the vote going down twice, I think they just want the school to live within their tax means right now."

The superintendent says the district will do the best with the money it has.

"We have a responsibility to our students and our community to make sure that where we teach is the best place to teach and where our students learn is the best place to learn."

Superintendent Sauer says any cuts will go into effect next school year.

The school board was scheduled to meet Wednesday night to get the conversation started.