Home for the holidays: 'He's a walking, talking miracle'

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - This Thanksgiving is extra special for a Treasure Valley family who thought their son may not live through the summer.

Alan Beavers' family says they have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, simply because their son is home for the holidays.

Alan was hit by a car in late August, and has spent the last three months recovering in the hospital. Wednesday, he got to spend his first day at home with his family.

"It was a crazy 95 days," Alan said.

But he made it through, and has plenty of battle wounds to show off as proof. Alan is excited to move forward and spend quality time with his family at home.

"I try to make it more valuable by all the cute little things I say," Alan joked.

His family is overjoyed to have him and his sense of humor back in the house.

"Welcome home buckaroo!" Alan Beavers' dad Monty said.

The Beavers have been through incredible ups and downs since August, when at one point, they didn't know if their son was going to make it. They said their family has grown closer together as a result, but that they always try to keep the bigger picture in mind.

"Our son's life was spared, and we think it was for a reason," Monty Beavers said. "God has a plan for [him]."

While Alan's road to recovery isn't over, the family says they turned a corner today.

"This is chapter two, Alan's recovery" Alan's mom, Anita Beavers said. "You have chapter one where he was in rehab and at the hospital. Today, we start chapter two."

Chapter two will include rehab several times a week for the next few months. Alan also has several more doctors appointments on the books, and plenty of medications to take. However, his family expects he will continue making great strides toward a recovery.

"The progress that he's had in the last month has just been incredible," Monty said. "He's a walking talking miracle."

That miracle came just in time for the holidays.

"I think it's almost perfect," Monty said. "This Thanksgiving will definitely be more special than the last. Three months ago we almost lost our son and here we are today!"

The Beavers family plans to spend the holiday at Alan's grandparents home. What's on the table? The family says plenty of food, but that they like ham better than turkey.