Helping people grieve online

NAMPA, Idaho- Losing a loved one is one of the hardest parts of life. But now Alsip and Person's Funeral Chapel is helping people grieve both near and far.

The funeral home can now broadcast services on the web.

"Web casting gives us an opportunity to bring families together regardless of where they are at in the world," said managing partner James Schmerer.

A camera in the chapel records services and someone in another room can move the camera. The entire service is broadcast live on the web.

"The stories that are shared about that person's life and how they have positively impacted other peoples lives and that's great for other family members to be able to hear to begin that grieving process," said Schmerer.

The system just got running in the last week, but Schmerer believes that in time most families will want to have funeral services broadcast online.

"There are many many families that have shared with us the desire to have other people participate in the service that simply weren't able to, whether it was military service or elderly people that couldn't travel the distance to be here to participate," said Schmerer.

One of the stories that sticks out in their minds, was the death of a Nampa woman who was born in South Korea and her family couldn't be here for the funeral.

"At that time all we could do was make a copy of the funeral and mail it to them, this way they can be right online with the service and be part of it," said Administrative Assistant Brenda Miller.

The web stream can be password protected and funeral home does web casts for free.