Great-Great-Grandmother is one great fan

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Quilting and football don't often go together, but as I discovered one Boise great-great-grandmother thinks a little differently.

"You can always tell a quilter by the way she smiles." Lucy Rishell likes to think that phrase is true, as the avid quilter has a smile you can't forget.

"You know you take a beautiful piece of fabric and cut it all up in little pieces, and sew it with some other pieces, and pretty soon you have a piece of work ... or art. It's actually an art," says Mrs. Rishell.

That art fills her home, lands her in a handful of quilting circles, and even has her personalized license plate proclaiming her passion.

"I always had the desire, and once I got started there was no stopping. I just went bananas," said Mrs. Rishell isn't kidding about the banana's thing.

"I was visually counting, not too long ago, and the best I could do as I thought them and wrote them down, was 312 quilts that I've made," said Mrs. Rishell.

But every fall, Lucy's other addiction starts to creep in ... Boise State football

"Oh Saturday's BSU day. Definitely," said Mrs. Rishell.

During Boise State games you'll find Lucy in her living room, splitting time between her favorite team and favorite past time it's not easy.

"Yes and no, I take a stitch or two and then I see what's going on. If it's exciting, I don't do anything but watch. If it's in between plays I take another stitch or two," said Mrs. Rishell.

It's a neverending battle, often won by her Bronco brovado.

"They're scared of us. You know that's why nobody will play us. These big teams don't want to play us, because they don't want a "little team" like Boise to beat 'em. And we could, we could whip 'em good. Don't you think? Ok, I'm on my soapbox now." And that's a place where this 84 year old grandmother of 16, great-grandmother of 19, and great-great-grandmother of one, feels right at home.

"Well don't let them pick up that yardage," yells Rishell towards her TV while watching a recent Bronco football game.

Of course, she always does it with that quilter's calling card on her face. Even when she's making sure I don't forget to relay a message to head football coach Chris Petersen.

"Ask Pete. If he wants to learn to quilt, I'd love to teach him," laughed Mrs. Rishell.

Well, maybe in the offseason.