Gavin gets his special needs dog

NAMPA, Idaho- A very special boy from Nampa gets his wish. KBOI 2News introduced you to Gavin Davis in April. All he wanted was a puppy to make his life easier and now he has one.

Gavin Davis has problems getting around because of a joint disorder and having a dog, trained for his needs, will give him more independence.

The 5-year-old received quartz on Saturday and he couldn't be happier. Although, the puppy still has a long way to go to be fully trained.

The English cream golden retriever is only 11 weeks old. It will take about one year to get him the amount of training needed to be Gavin's special needs dog.

Companion Trainers of Idaho is already starting to train Quarts. The organization helped cut the cost of getting the specialized dog in half, but he was still about $8,000.

The community rallied together to cover the cost. Fundraisers were held to bring in the amount needed.