Fireworks: What you need to know this year

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Fireworks season is almost here. While fireworks are legal within city limits, not every place in Boise gives you the green light to use them when you celebrate the red, white and blue.

Fireworks have been banned in the Boise foothills. As a rule of thumb, the fire department says that means no fireworks are allowed in the areas north of Hill Road, around Camel's Back Park, and north of Warm Springs Ave. The foothills are a danger zone for fires.

"In grass fields is generally where we see a lot of our fires," Boise City Fire Marshal Romeo Gervais said. "Usually we can jump on them pretty fast and contain them, but every once in awhile they do get out of our control."

But even in the heart of the city, it only takes a small spark from a firework to catch a dry field on fire.

"Those sparks can get into the juniper bushes where that dry under-story kind of exists. It ignites and then threatens homes and neighborhoods."

The Fourth of July is one of the busier days of the year for the fire department. They want to remind everyone to take precautions before setting off fireworks, and to be aware of the grasses, shrubs and other dry land around you.

The fire department also provides a number of tips to have a safe celebration, explanations of both legal and illegal fireworks, as well as a map to see the exact locations where you can and cannot set off fireworks.