Few Problems At TreeFort Music Fest

BOISE, Idaho- Tree Fort Music Fest organizers say despite having triple the people, they haven't seen an increase in bad behavior.

This year they have double the number of security guards. Doug Smith is the head of security, he says most of what they are looking for is underage drinking and people taking alcohol out on to the streets.

"A lot of security at the main stage, a lot of security at the individual clubs. It's really safe and people are having a safe good time," said Tree Fort Spokesman Matt Dalley.

Music fan Colton Grainger says some performances were packed last night and that's when he saw some bad behavior.

"She pulled some ladies up on stage and one of them had a big bag of weed and showed everyone. Aside from that mal behavior, people have been pretty good," said Grainger.

Update: Organizers say they tracked down the woman with the bag and she confirmed that the contents were bacon covered dates, not marijuana.

There are over 250 bands performing during Tree fort. Concerts run late into the night Saturday and continue Sunday.

"People are saying you guys are doing an awesome job. I said well we are just here making sure everyone is having a good time, that's our job," said Smith.

"Last year was really successful and a lot of people came to the festival and this year there has been even more people, about twice as many bands, more venues and it's just been going really well in general," said Dalley.