Father on a mission to end bullying

BOISE, Idaho - A La Grande, Oregon man is walking across the United States to bring awareness to bullying. Joe Bell's 15 year old son Jadin, committed suicide earlier this year after being bullied for being gay.

"We had to take him off life support and watch him pass," said Joe Bell.

Now he is on a mission to prevent it from happening again.

"I don't want to see any other children go through what my son went through," said Bell.

Two weeks ago Bell set off on his trip with just a backpack and a cooler on wheels.

"I'll sleep along the road in a ditch somewhere or in the trees, wherever I can find or stay in a motel like I am right now," said Bell.

Along the way, he will talk with schools and families.

"We need to raise our children without color or race or sexual preference, it doesn't matter," said Bell.

As Bell travels, he says he will think about Jadin, the rest of his family, and the hope that he can touch at least one life along the way.

"Things do get better and work past it, talk to your parents, take it to somebody, let's take care of it," said Bell.

Bell will be in Boise for the next few days before continuing on his journey. He would love to have people walk with him as he leaves town, even if it is only a few blocks.

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