Elusive 1,200 pound bull nabbed near Boise River in Eagle

EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A loose bull missing along the Boise River for several days has finally been captured.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office said on Twitter that cowhands and Eagle Police finally wrangled the elusive beast late Monday near a swampy, muddy area by S. Edgewood Lane near the Boise River. It has been missing since late last week.

"That stray bull was pretty elusive," the sheriff's office said on Twitter.

Eagle Police Officer Jeff Winegar, an Ada Metro SWAT team member who also has cattle and lives on a ranch, used one of the cowhand's dart guns to tranquilize the bull before it could get away. Again.

"Winegar is a great shot, and he's also cowboy, so he was perfect for the job," Eagle Police Chief Steve Bartlett said Tuesday.

Even after the dart, it ran a few hundred yards before falling over.

Every time someone would get a fix on the bull, he'd run away or leap into the river and start swimming, disappearing into the brush and cover along the banks or getting out to islands.

"It's amazing how fast a bull can be - he looked like a cheetah jumping over banks into the river," Bartlett said.

That marked the end of a time-consuming and headache-producing five day search for the bull, who weighs at least 1,200 pounds and is between one to two years old.

The bull is now heading to a new pasture in Elmore County.