Eagle wants to talk Greenbelt with Garden City

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) - The Garden City Council will decide what response to send the city of Eagle over issues with the Greenbelt.

The Eagle City council sent a letter last year requesting a meeting about possibly getting together on the issues, but it was declined due to a lawsuit involving the Greenbelt which has since been thrown out. | Read the Letter

Some in Eagle would like to see collaboration with Garden City because residents there use the Greenbelt and nature path to get to Boise. Certain groups have complained about the Greenbelt in Garden City because of the lack of access points, and areas that are off limits to bike riding.

Eagle's mayor says any changes are up to Garden City and they don't want to tell anyone else what to do.

There are some private neighborhoods that have blocked areas of the Greenbelt because it goes through private property. Some people who KBOI-TV talked to on Monday said they worry about damage to property and costs to maintain the Greenbelt.