Eagle council member wants to stop throwing money into park they don't own

EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) - Eagle city council met Wednesday to figure out what do about the Ada Eagle Sports Complex. The complex would be open all year round and include a terrain park. Eagle currently leases the land off Horseshoe Bend road and Floating Creek.

Ada County gave notice to the city of Eagle that the lease they now have says you can't charge the public for use of the sports complex. Now Eagle council members are trying to figure out if they should buy the land from Ada county or renegotiate the lease.

"I am not interested in re negotiating any lease. I am in favor of stopping all funds to the park. I do not like spending government money fighting with other governments. This is not woth it. Just leave it open space," Eagle City Council Member Mark Butler said.

The sports complex has a BMX park, trails and a snowboarding area. The county just wants to sell the property and doesn't want a lease according to a representative from the county.

While council members are divided on what to do with the complex, one council member suggested they should not put any more money into the park and if negotiations do break down they suggest it should just be left as open space.

Other suggestions were to renegotiate a 99 year lease with the county and not buy the land. Members did pass a motion to meet with Ada County commissioners to find out what the county wants to do with the park.