Eagle cell tower proposal hits roadblock

EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Opponents of a plan for a 110-foot tall cell phone tower on the grounds of Eagle Hills Elementary School have scored a victory, if only a temporary one.

A private company called Skyway Towers has been seeking approval from the City of Eagle to build the tower at the elementary school, which is part of the Meridian School District.

We talked to residents who have plenty of concerns about a cell phone tower on school property in their neighborhood."

"Obviously the unattractiveness of it. but i think the bigger concern is safety," said Eagle resident Jennifer Mangiantini. "Safety for the children at the school because of the radioactive emissions. Nobody knows for sure -- these things are so new -- what the damage can be being exposed in such close proximity."

"We can't do it to kids," said Heidi Burnett of Eagle. "If we want to do it to ourselves, we can make that choice. We're adults. but a school yard is not the place for this kind of thing."

A spokesman for the Meridian School District said the cell tower would bring the district significant revenue: $30,000 up front and a monthly payment of as much as $2,400.

And district spokesman Eric Exline said there's no solid evidence radiation from cell towers is harmful.

But staff at Eagle City Hall recommended denial of the proposal, saying the tower would dramatically change the character and nature of the neighborhood.

But it's just a recommendation, not a final council vote.

Skyway has eight weeks to submit a modified plan.

KBOI-TV tried to contact a representative of Skyway but has not heard back yet.