Duplex gets denied as triplex and may be a single house

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Patty Jordon bought a Nampa house as a duplex. She wanted to live in one side and rent out the other. When she tried to convert the house to a triplex the city told her it shouldn't even be classified a duplex because it's zoned as a single family house.

She was hoping to move in by April 4, but when she asked Nampa City Council to convert it to a triplex the city said no, three separate times. "They told us that we were trying to illegally convert a single family residence into a triplex," Jordan said.

Soon after that, Nampa's Planning and Zoning decided that they needed to review if the house was legal to be a duplex. They informed Jordan that the duplex is zoned for a single family residence. "We're saying at this point in time it's still recognized as a duplex. We may rescind that. We're saying it's under review," Nampa Planning Director Norman Holm said.

Jordan said she bought the house as a duplex and she says records show that the house was actually a triplex back in the 60's. Holm said, "We don't believe that. We disagree with her interpretation of that."

The city says the house has been converted to a duplex in a single family zoned area. Meanwhile Jordan says they shut her down from doing any work, gave her a stop order and shut off her power. The city says that Jordon was doing electrical, plumbing and construction without permits.

Nampa Planning and Zoning says that most likely Jordan's house will likely be grandfathered in as a duplex. Jordan will have to apply for permits to continue the rehab.