Ducks in Meridian found with blow darts in bodies, head

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) - A group of ducks in Meridian have been targeted by someone with a blow dart gun.

Several ducks have been spotted with blow darts in their bodies including one that had a dart through its head. A Meridian woman told KBOI 2News that she's called police, but was told they couldn't do anything unless the shooter was caught in the act.

"It's just sickening to see the animals injured and not able to do anything about it," said Sandie Rodgers, who feeds the ducks. "It's a terrible helpless feeling."

Rodgers says some animal organizations have offered to take the darts out, but that she would have to catch the ducks and bring them in -- something she's been unable to do.

It's unclear whether the shooter is located in Meridian because Rodgers says she received a call from a man in Eagle who has also seen several ducks shot near him as well.

"It's one thing to hunt ducks, this is pure evil. (Responsible) hunters don't do this," Tom wrote on the KBOI Facebook page. "This is nothing but animal cruelty and should be punished as such."

Idaho Fish and Game says using blow darts or a dart gun is not a legal method of hunting in the state and is considered poaching. Fish and Game compared the illegal method as if you were hunting by running over animals with your car.

Fish and Game says if anyone has any information they would like to know about it so they can investigate and charge the person.

Update: The wounded ducks are now getting help. Two volunteers from the Idaho Domestic Bird Rescue and Sanctuary stepped up to help catch the wounded birds. The girls say even though the ducks look ok, they may not be in good condition very long. "That's the thing about ducks, they never look like they're in pain, they always look happy. Even if they're not. I guarantee they're in pain. They're hurting," Cindy Embree said.

The volunteers say they weren't able to catch any ducks so far, but they did see a least 6 birds with darts in them. They say it may take about a week to catch all the wounded birds. They say that these ducks are used to having people around and that's what may have gotten them shot with a dart at close range.